Air Combos are executed by airborne characters pressing the attack button.

A complete air combo requires 3 attack button inputs, and all characters have 1 air combo.

Unlike ground combos, characters cannot execute a complete air combo unless their first input hits a target. The first input of an air combo will leave the character in a falling state that cannot be acted out of unless the animation connects with an opponent.

Air combos tend to drag the character executing the combo upward along with their opponent.

If the first input of an air combo connects on a guarding opponent the behavior of the attack depends on the character.

Some characters, like Hinata and Ino, will drag themselves downward with their first hit.

Others, like Minato (all versions) will hang in the air during the entirety of their recovery and then fall to the ground.

Characters of the first type can use landing cancels to create blockstrings out of a combination of the first input of their air combo and their grounded combo.

Air Combos can be Air Chakra Dash Cancelled out of.

The first input in an air combo can only be air chakra dash cancelled out of during recovery frames. All subsequent inputs in the air combo can be air chakra dash cancelled out of at any frame.

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