Chakra Shurikens are loaded by loading one level of chakra and pressing the shuriken button.

There are several generic types of Chakra Shurikens, and many characters have character specific chakra shurikens with unique behavior.

Chakra Shurikens will generally knock aside regular shurikens they collide with in midair.

Chakra Shurikens consume a small amount of chakra on startup, a cost which will not be refunded if the character is counter-hit during startup.

Chakra shurikens thrown on the ground have a significant recovery time, with recovery time specific to the type of chakra shuriken.

Chakra shurikens thrown in the air will prevent a character from taking any further actions until landing.

Chakra shurikens will ground a ninja move performed close to the ground, and force characters high above the ground into a directly downward fall no matter their previous movement.

Chakra shurikens are one of the three shuriken actions used in performing Shuriken Action Tilt Cancels.

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