Ground Combos are executed by grounded characters pressing the attack button.

A complete ground combo requires 6 attack button inputs, and most characters come with 3 ground combos. After the first four attack button presses, a character can pick which combo they execute by holding down, up, or no direction at all on the left analogue stick. The last two attack button presses have unique animations that are specific to the combo selected by the left analogue stick.

Certain characters only have 1 grounded combo, and are compensated for this by having ground and air shuriken combos.

These characters are: [List Forthcoming]

The speed at which a ground combo is executed is dependent upon the speed at which a player inputs the attack button presses.

The next hit of a combo, a justu execution, or a cancel that only works on recovery frames of a combo hit can be buffered to occur as soon as active frames end by doing the desired input during the current combo step.

Each hit of a ground combo (the set of animations corresponding to one attack button press) can have its recovery cancelled by a variety of techniques.

These Include:

Jump Cancels

Ninja Move Cancels

Chakra Dash Cancels

Shuriken Cancels

Chakra Shuriken Cancels

Parry Cancels

Ultimate Jutsu Cancels

Team Ultimate Justu Cancels

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